Winter is here

The temperature is falling, the rain is changing into snow and people are going to slip on water puddles. Winter is here and you need to stay warm. Find the perfect winter coat for you.

A great choice of a winter coat is to connect your whole wardrobe to this jacket. You need to find the one, which matches your fashion style. If you have a classical style, I would go for the trench coat, but if you want a more special trench coat, you can go with a trench coat, which has a twist, like the one in the selection. Some people are very specific with the length, I for my self like it just underneath the knee if it is a trench coat, others like it short. The Down Jacket is very in at the moment and it has a plus side because you are always warm. So you get both quality and quantity in one.

You should go for one kind of jacket and then find the one that is just for you. My advice is to make an investment in this new jacket and make sure you at least would wear it for the next 2-3 years, and then you get the perfect winter coat, and you get to stay warm in the winter.

Winter is here
Anna Kolding

Anna works as a full time model for Unique Models and has fashion designer goals. The expertise that she will bring to the blog will be styling, and finding new clothes on sustainable websites and stores, based in Denmark, or is shipping to Denmark. Anna are currently establishing her own slow fashion brand called ASK STUDIOS. // CONTACT:

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