Where are all the good vintage and second hand stores?

Best vintage buys

Where are all the good vintage or second hand stores? How much are you willing to pay for a used item? And is it really sustainable?

First of all, yes it is the better choice, because you save ressources and labour when you buy second hand items. Also, you have the opportunity to hand pick items that no one else have and you can personalize your style even more. I started buying secondhand when I went to high school, and by now half of my wardrobe consist of either second hand clothes (from shops or from my grandmas closet) or borrowed clothes (from my sister and mom).

So based on my experience of vintage and second hand shopping, I have compiled a list of places worth going to for every budget.

Online ‘stores’

Today there’s so many places where you can buy/sell second hand and vintage clothes. The ones I use are:

My favorite physical stores

NGO second hand stores

There’re both the actual physical stores specialized in vintage fashion and also the NGO’s second hand stores where I know you can make some VERY good bargains, because they often don’t know anything about what’s in style or not. Stores like that are e.g. Røde Kors (Red Cross), Kirkens Korshær, Danmission etc – and a tip: Go to the suburbs if want the prices to be lower (however you have to be patient to handpick you things) and go to “wealthier” neighborhoods if you want better quality clothes and aren’t that patient (however it is more expensive).

Byebyelove // www.byebyelove.dk // Valdemarsgade 36, 1650 Copenhagen V

I always find the windows very inspirational and I always wanna buy everything in the window. The owner are always able to mix the clothes and pieces in her store of both old vintage pieces and newer high quality fashion items. It is up to date and you can see how carefully the clothes have been chosen.

One of my favorite items in my closet is from that store and it is my suede skirt. It can be used for every occasion with either a jumper and sneaks/boots or for a party with a cool top/tshirt or camitop – the possibilities are endless. However it is not very practical when it comes to biking and since its my preferred transportation, I don’t wear it as often as I could. (see picture below).

Episode // www.episode.eu // /Larsbjørnsstræde 8, 1454 København K

Episode is like a candy store for vintage lovers. They gather everything in style (and out of style) and have many pieces of each style. So if you are looking for a denim jacket, jumper, maxi dress, silk shirt, Levis denim jeans or cut offs, bumbag, and that crazy jacket that make you pop out from the crowd, then go to Episode. Also because it is fair prices!
Episode is a chain of vintage stores and there’s one in many bigger cities. In Copenhagen it is placed at Lars Bjørnstræde.

Prag Copenhagen // www.pragcopenhagen.com // Nørrebro and Vesterbro

The concept and the range and style of the clothes are very much like Episode, but there’s 3 shops in Copenhagen.

Shops that are worth mentioning and that I would love to visit (again) are:

Swapping Market

This is a whole other story, but thought I should mention it. The idea behind is that you go to a market with things you would like to swap with others. The biggest in Denmark must be the one is during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

You can read more about it here – it is called “Byttemarked” in Danish.

Flea Markets

There’s several options in Copenhagen, and we will soon write an article about the pros and cons of selling/buying your stuff on a flea market. However I would recommend these ones:

  • Veras Copenhagen (I’ve tried this twice – good place) – see their next markets here.
  • Ritas Blå Lopper (cool!)
  • Tradono (haven’t tried it, but have heard good things about it) – next market is November 12th –  see facebook-event here.
  • See more flea markets in the Danish ‘Flea Market Calendar’ here.
Veras Market

Veras Market – Anna and I had a stand last weekend October 15th. Stay tuned for our experience and the pros/cons! :)

What is your favorit vintage or second hand item? Which stores are your favorite? Any we should check out and add to our list?








Stine Pedersen

Stine is passionated about the ongoing question of how to make a transition of the fashion industry and how sustainability and fashion can be connected. She will therefore write about alternative ways of 'consuming' fashion such as vintage, up-cycling and redoing. She is currently Project Manager at Leaderlab and LAUNCH, and has a background as Sustainable Design Engineer finishing of with a thesis in how to implement Circular Economy in a large danish fast fashion brand. Besides this interest, she always has a full calendar with friends, family,  training, exhibitions, sewing... // CONTACT: stinekolding@gmail.com

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