The True Cost of the fast fashion industry

Late is never to late – but I have just watched the film “The True Cost” – a film I would recommend for everyone to watch and afterwards tell everyone they know, to watch. The fast fashion industry is outrageous and some of these aspects are portrayed very well in the movie. Clips of people going shopping-crazy when Black Friday hits the stores, just after have watched a women leaving her child behind, to work under conditions where making demands for human rights gets awarded with beating and abuse, just gives you goose bumps.

If every consumer make demands, the industry would change – simply by saying:

“People should not die when producing the t -shirt I wear”.

In my following blogposts I’ll try to give ideas and a overview of where you as a consumer can shop more socially responsible and environmentally friendly brands.

When looking a little on the further work the team behind the movie have done, they have tried to make a list like this as well – I will look into this and recommend several stores and brands the following months.

See more at:

If you have a Netflix account you can watch the movie at

Dorte Mindegaard

Dorte has a deep interest in contributing to a sustainable transition of the society and also of the fashion industry. Every link of the production chain of clothes has a severe bad impact on human and the environment, which Dorte believes could be reduced by legislation, consumer mentality change and awareness. She studied an engineering master in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen and has part of that been in Australia at James Cook University to specialize further in sustainable transition. //  CONTACT:

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