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This is the 2nd blog post in the 6-part series about: How do we make the fast fashion industry more sustainable? Last time, we made an introductory note on why we think the fast fashion industry needs to change. In this 2nd blog post, we promised you to tell a bit about what are the mechanisms driving the fast fashion industry VERSUS sustainable fashion. In the following, we will elaborate on these subjects.   The Fast Fashion Industry Fashion has been defined as  “…a broad term that typically encompasses any product or market where

“It is completely contradictory and paradoxical to talk about sustainability in a business that provides products, which – at the end of the day – are not necessary.” Such are the words of Mogens Werge, Director of Sustainability and Communication in the Danish fashion company, Bestseller, in the latest issue of Less Magazine. In the article When Green Becomes the New Black Less Magazine addresses a very interesting issue, namely that of how and whether fashion and sustainability can co-exist, given that the former is rooted in overconsumption while the latter seeks

One of my dearest friends, Zinna, shares my enthusiasm for sustainable fashion – or slow fashion as she likes to call it. And I think that she has done some clever and creative thinking: Zinna finds great similarity between the way middle and upper class consumers buy food and clothes: Neither are bought just because we need it. We buy food and clothes based more on desire and less on necessity. That’s how clothes has become fashion and food a matter of lifestyle. In both cases we have an infinite variety of products to choose