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Today, I am going to guide you on how to take better care of your clothes – and that’s whether you want to lower your carbon footprint and amount of water used to clean it, or just want to prolong the lifetime of your clothes. Because let’s face it – not all is about lowering your carbon footprint, but to actually care for your favorite sweater so it will lasts a decade even though it might be a high street item. As I mentioned on instagram, CEO of Levi’s advices you to

When we talk about clothes being polluting, 40% of that pollution actually comes from the way we treat our clothes. Even though this may sound devastating, it also provides a super easy answer to the question “How to be more sustainable?” Simply put, it is all about treating your clothes better, thereby making a positive impact and reducing the environmental footprint. I recently wrote about A QUESTION OF, a cool Scandinavian brand that produces street fashion from organic cotton (more on this here). A QUESTION OF has made a very simple

Numbers reveal that in Denmark we throw away 89 tons of textiles each year. Less than half of that amount gets a second life with a new owner, and from the clothes that don’t get a second chance, more than half gets burnt as waste. That’s sad, given that textiles are a resource that ought to be broken down and reused in the industry as new raw material. Luckily, I:CO has a solution to the problem, and one that is very easy to use too! By collaborating with H&M Garment

Consumers love cotton! In fact, we love the natural fabric so much that today cotton accounts for 40% of the world’s fiber production. The cotton industry employs around 300 million people in the production stages alone. For millions of people, often in some of the world’s poorest countries, cotton is a vital link to the global economy. However, the production of cotton is fraught with problems of both social and environmental character: Cotton farming suffers from poor working conditions and child labour, and moreover, cotton consumes great amounts of water