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This is the 2nd blog post in the 6-part series about: How do we make the fast fashion industry more sustainable? Last time, we made an introductory note on why we think the fast fashion industry needs to change. In this 2nd blog post, we promised you to tell a bit about what are the mechanisms driving the fast fashion industry VERSUS sustainable fashion. In the following, we will elaborate on these subjects.   The Fast Fashion Industry Fashion has been defined as  “…a broad term that typically encompasses any product or market where

Late is never to late – but I have just watched the film “The True Cost” – a film I would recommend for everyone to watch and afterwards tell everyone they know, to watch. The fast fashion industry is outrageous and some of these aspects are portrayed very well in the movie. Clips of people going shopping-crazy when Black Friday hits the stores, just after have watched a women leaving her child behind, to work under conditions where making demands for human rights gets awarded with beating and abuse, just

In this first post of the four-part series about sustainable transition of the fashion industry, we will open up the discussion by analysing which transition challenges the fashion industry have. Additionally, we will try to elaborate the roles of engineers in the development of technological systems. In order to do this, we will use the theoretical framework known as the multi-level perspective presented by Geel (2005) [1]. By using this theory, we will  identify and explain what challenges there are  for a transition to happen, since the theory will help