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Clothes Swapping

Do you have a filled closet, but somehow still doesn’t have something to wear? All the magazines and blogs talk about spring cleaning your closet at the moment. They talk about giving it charity or throwing it out (DON’T) – do this instead: SELLING. If the clothes is not that used you can sell it at various resell platforms, e.g. Tradono, Trendsales, DBA, or another selling platform in your respective country. However this can be a time consuming option, and takes some skills on how to write a good text, take good representable pictures etc.

What to do with your old clothes is an important question for at least 3 reasons: 1) Most people have loads of clothes they no longer use. A study made in the UK in 2012 showed that 30% of all the clothes lying around in UK closets have not been used for at least 12 months. 2) Unused clothes are a valuable resource that can be either reused by somebody else or recycled to new garments or even completely different products. And 3) it is just annoying to have heaps of