Sustainable Christmas

Celebrating Christmas often include a ton of presents – which are a huge controversy to try to live with less and try to stop the buy and throwaway culture. The way I try to come about it – is to primarily and mostly give experiences as gifts. For instance a trip to the zoo, or a cultural trip somewhere. It brings great joy to spend time and experiences with the people you love.

Giving clothes as presents are also very popular for Christmas – but have you considered giving a subscription for clothes instead? I am simply in love with the concept KALO Kopenhagen: KALO is a wardrobe that automatically renew itself, does not pile up and never have to be sent to the dry cleaner. It sounds to good to be true. With a subscription to KALO you get access to a wardrobe consisting of high fashion designer brands, where you for instance can pick 3 items and after a month, or when you get tired of it, you send it back and get 3 new pieces.

The way it works: You go to and pick your styles, then they are sent to you, after a month you can choose new items and then return the previously. Simply as that. If size or style does not fit you, you can free of charge return them and get the right fit. The subscription fee depends on the amount of pieces, but starts from 599,- danish kr for 3 pieces – which are only 1/10 of the price it you had to buy it.

They sell gifts card – so if you still need a sustainable present for your sister, mom or friend – why not let them try a month or two with gorgeous clothes from for example Fillippa K – a concept based on a circular business model.


Dorte Mindegaard

Dorte has a deep interest in contributing to a sustainable transition of the society and also of the fashion industry. Every link of the production chain of clothes has a severe bad impact on human and the environment, which Dorte believes could be reduced by legislation, consumer mentality change and awareness. She studied an engineering master in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen and has part of that been in Australia at James Cook University to specialize further in sustainable transition. //  CONTACT:

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