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The Danish newspaper Politiken has recently launched a new campaign called #stoptøjspild and in English called #stopclotheswaste. Did you know that every Danish buyer purchases an average of 16 kg of clothing each year, corresponding to a total of 89,000 tonnes? This means that we are the country in the Nordic region whose inhabitants have the largest clothes consumption.

In order to get find the triggers behind our overuse, Politiken has interviewed Else Skjold, associate professor and PhD student at the Design School in Kolding

“Many of us buy too much clothes we will never really be happy with,” says Else Skjold, associate professor and PhD student. At the Design School in Kolding. She has researched Danish clothes consumption and can easily recognize that much of the clothes are unused in the wardrobes.

Else Skjold associates the overuse with a development that began in the 1950s, when the price of clothing fell as mass production was developed while we became richer and richer. And with globalization, according to Else Skjold, “mass production on steroids” has been due to outsourcing to India, Pakistan, China and Southeast Asian countries, a development that has made clothes even cheaper and even more standardized:

“Today we have produced and standardized ourselves so that clothes are made too much,” she says. “And it has serious consequences in terms of environment and social inequality,” says Else Skjold.

Only about half the amount of clothes thrown out is given to charity, but from the rest (48.000 tons), it is unclear how much ends up as ordinary waste in power plant incinerator, where it helps to draw our CO2 balance in the wrong direction.

So try to stop buying as much clothes – only buy the things you really need (I will in near future give an example of this and show my own wardrobe). And if you need inputs on what to do with the clothes you don’t need anymore, then click here

Want to join the campaign?

Join Politiken’s campaign by doing this:

Join the campaign
1) Put on a piece of clothes that you rarely or never go with.

2) Take a self-portrait with the clothes on.

3) Place the image on Instagram under the hash tag #stoptøjspild or #stopclotheswaste, and type whether you want to go with the clothes or hand it over for recycling.

If you do not use Instagram, please email image and text to lordagsliv@pol.dk


Politiken campaign article: http://politiken.dk/indland/art5887523/Vi-køber-16-kilo-tøj-om-året-men-lader-knap-fem-kilo-ligge-i-skabet?utm_campaign=marts17&utm_medium=email&utm_content=stoptoejspild-vaer-med_overskrift-txt&utm_source=newsletter-maanedsmail&utm_term=&mid=231146

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Stine Pedersen

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