Sales, socks and capsule wardrobes

January is almost over and maybe you found a great scoop during the sales. I must admit that it has been tempting to go shopping – because I have thought about that I might find something great for at cheap price. But when I actually had the time, it didn’t seem that tempting anyway. Last sunday I met up with some family in the center of Copenhagen to have a look at shops and clothes – and yes I ended up buying something – two pair of socks! That was it. When it came down to it, I really didn’t felt for it, when I already have a filled closet.

It is not that I have decided to go “non-shop”, I just wanted to try to reduce buying clothes – and by joining the collective closet @theorganicclub it kind of sets my needs.

My biggest challenge is to use more of my clothes, and not just the same styles over and over. Do you have any great tips or ideas on how to use a larger part of your wardrobe? I remember reading that in average we only use 1/5 of our wardrobe – so I would really like to become better.

Other sustainable fashion-bloggers have talked about the concept and fashion trend “a capsule wardrobe” – where you limit your wardrobe by chosing only around 25 items, wear them for 3 months without buying new, then rethink and swap/buy new pieces and repeat. But what do they do with the rest of the clothes they own to begin with? I am not there where I want to get rid of my clothes, I just want to use “the non-used” more. But maybe I could get some inspiration from “the capsule idea” – plan outfits better or something.

We would love to hear about your experiences  – do you like the sharing closet or the idea of a capsule wardrobe or do you have any other ideas on how to use clothes differently?

Dorte Mindegaard

Dorte has a deep interest in contributing to a sustainable transition of the society and also of the fashion industry. Every link of the production chain of clothes has a severe bad impact on human and the environment, which Dorte believes could be reduced by legislation, consumer mentality change and awareness. She studied an engineering master in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen and has part of that been in Australia at James Cook University to specialize further in sustainable transition. //  CONTACT:

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