The Perfect Sustainable Cashmere

Care by me is a young Danish company that produces the perfect sustainable cashmere and organic cotton living and slow-wear products. I talked to Director and Founder, Camilla Gullits, who told me about the company’s initiatives to improve the lives of women in Nepal, and how it can take up to three days to produce one cashmere pillow.

How does care by me work with sustainability?

At care by me we base our sustainability work on the principles of the UN Global Compact. Being a young company we do not fulfil all criteria yet, but one day we will!

Our most important focus area is on the social side of sustainability. We wish to improve the lives of women in the developing world, and we do this by creating jobs. We run a development project in Kathmandu, which is supported by Danida (the development organisation under the Danish Foreign Ministry, red.). This project supports women, and it also extends to the establishment of a wastewater treatment plant and to substituting all conventional colour methods for eco-friendly ones.

Why make a sustainable brand?

Apart from our motivation to help women in the developing world, we also care about the planet’s resources. We want to give the consumer the opportunity to make a conscious choice, and we find it fair that you have to pay a little extra for garments that have been produced responsibly. I believe that most consumers would regret some of their fashion purchases if they knew how their clothes had been produced.

Moreover, I am motivated to challenge the perception of sustainable clothes being foot shaped and ugly. I wish to build a stylish brand that is a true alternative to conventional clothes.

Can cashmere be regarded a truly sustainable material?

Cashmere is a natural produce, and cashmere clothes typically have a longer lifetime than clothes from other materials. Almost all of Care by Me’s cashmere is made without use of electricity, and our products are either knitted by hand or with the use of an old fashioned knitting machine. It can take up to three days to make a knitted pillow.

Can organic cotton be regarded a truly sustainable material?

We have chosen to work with GOTS certified cotton, which means that apart from the environmental criteria of this certification, the cotton is also produced according to social requirements. In addition we are looking forward to include a Fair Trade certification in all of our cotton products from 2015.

How to you wish for your customers to use their care by me products?

Our products are made for all kinds of everyday situations, but our main focus is on the time that women spend taking good care of themselves. Our customers should wear their care by me shirt after morning yoga, and they should stay warm during winter in our cashmere scarfs. We want our women to wrap themselves in our plaids and cuddle up with a cup of tea in the sofa, and we want them have the best night’s sleep in our organic bed linen after a long day.

What is your top tip?

Get loads of fresh air, a good night’s sleep and drink enough water – because when it all comes down, you are just as beautiful as you feel.

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Katrine Damgaard

Katrine Damgaard, 25, has a master degree in Political Science and Political Economy from London School of Economics. Katrine started the blog in 2014 after having four years of work experience at ELLE Denmark. Katrine is now working as a consultant at A.T. Kearney.

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