Care by me is a young Danish company that produces the perfect sustainable cashmere and organic cotton living and slow-wear products. I talked to Director and Founder, Camilla Gullits, who told me about the company’s initiatives to improve the lives of women in Nepal, and how it can take up to three days to produce one cashmere pillow. How does care by me work with sustainability? At care by me we base our sustainability work on the principles of the UN Global Compact. Being a young company we do not fulfil

I’m up for a challenge. I call it “3 Steps to Sustainability”. It’s simple: I have developed three steps that cover what I believe to be the most important aspects of sustainable fashion consumption habits. Like most people I often get tempted by the sight of something beautiful and affordable, and the lack of transparency most often makes it too complex to know whether the clothes that I want to buy has been produced responsibly. However, I want to find out to what extent it is possible to develop more

Designers continue to unite ethics and aesthetics in fashion design pieces, thereby capturing the true meaning of sustainable fashion. Generally speaking, designers often claim that one of the big challenges in making sustainable fashion truly attractive to consumers lies in changing the perception of what sustainable fashion looks like. Therefore, when designers continue to unite ethics and aesthetics, they are successfully changing the idea of sustainable clothes being both ugly and of a bad quality. One such example of ethics and aesthetics being beautifully united was seen earlier this week when Stella McCartney launched an entire capsule

If you are on the hunt for a new pair of jeans this season and you care about making a more sustainable choice, then here is some good news. H&M launches sustainable denim this fall with a collection of jeans that not only uses more sustainable materials, but also more conscious processes. This means that in addition to the use of more sustainable materials, the production of the conscious jeans has been subject to strict testing criteria. In the washing processes of the production, the jeans have to live up to strict criteria on water and

Consume less and choose clothes that last long. This is the message from Emilie Risgaard, the creative director of the Danish brand, OceanandMe, that produces the most delicious knitwear made from 100% Mongolian cashmere. Emilie hopes that the consumers will come to realise that cheap high street fashion can never be fair, and that choosing high quality makes sense morally and economically, now and in the long term: How does OceanandMe work with sustainability? From the very beginning, sustainability has been an essential part of the brand’s DNA. Finding a

The Danish brand AIAYU has proved how quality, style and sustainability can coexist. Known for its second to none quality llama knit and organic cotton wear, the brand works with only two qualities, producing a women wear and a home collection. Every element of the brand’s value chain is subject to close scrutiny, ensuring transparency and sustainability in everything from the high standard working conditions and facilities of the factory in Bolivia to the minimal amounts of color used for dying the knitwear, and the biodegradable plastic bags and eco-friendly

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