A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my experience being a member in the Organic Club at Vesterbro Copenhagen. I think it is worth mentioning that the concept exist several places beyond Vesterbro, so there is plenty opportunity to try it out if you live in other parts of the Copenhagen area or Funen (Fyn). For now there is The Organic Club in Odense, Svendborg, Nørrebro and in the beginning of december a new store opens at Østerbro (in Copenhagen as well). The new store in Østerbro have just

You know the feeling when you have found a cool vintage or second hand piece, but then you come home and try it out in various ways, but somehow it only makes you look like your grandma! So if you want to embed and integrate it in your Scandinavian minimal wardrobe and update your style to 2017, then here’s a few simple tips and tricks I have. (I will promise you some styling pictures of my own vintage and actual grandma’s clothes!) Add a hoodie or sweater   Style it

Fashion Guide

You are probably wondering where you should shop if you want to find new clothes, but it has to be sustainable. I have a guide just for you! This list mostly replies to Danish shoppers, but off cause they ship to other countries as well. Clothes https://www.thebaand.dk https://ravnravn.com https://www.filippa-k.com/dk/ https://www.designersremix.com/dk/ http://www.baserange.net/?currency=EUR http://www.ee12.dk https://rwdcph.com https://www.riverandraven.com https://res-res.com https://www.livefashionable.com/collections/denim http://schulzbycrowd.dk http://www.peopletree.co.uk https://tricotage.dk https://www.aiayu.com/en/wear http://agurkstudio.com http://www.oenling.com https://fonnesbech-cph.com https://www.monki.com/en_dkk/clothing/jeans.html Jackets http://www.betterworldfashion.com https://www.yvonnekone.com/collections/outerwear Underwear https://underprotection.dk http://www.baserange.net/product-category/underwear/ Accessories, bags and shoes https://www.yvonnekone.com http://atpatelier.com/en https://www.jerome-dreyfuss.com/int_en/ https://www.livefashionable.com/collections/leather https://www.aiayu.com/en/accessories Jewelry http://kinraden.dk http://www.monkeyglasses.dk https://www.livefashionable.com/collections/jewelry   And at last – let’s go

One of my largest issues, is that even though I really want to live with less and consume less clothes, I sometimes really get the urge to go shopping. (And do you know the feeling having a filled closet, but still feel like nothing to wear? I do.) Because of these controversies, I have for a while now wanted to try out a sharing closet concept called The Organic Club. It is a concept that have emerged both at Vesterbro and Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The way it works, is that you

Where are all the good vintage or second hand stores? How much are you willing to pay for a used item? And is it really sustainable? First of all, yes it is the better choice, because you save ressources and labour when you buy second hand items. Also, you have the opportunity to hand pick items that no one else have and you can personalize your style even more. I started buying secondhand when I went to high school, and by now half of my wardrobe consist of either second

The 5 must haves are the items you can’t live without! If you want a sustainable wardrobe, you must have a good foundation. The items has to be timeless, and they will always be a lifesaver in a crisis: The white shirt is a must in your wardrobe, because you can wear it both in a casual way with your jeans, and it is perfect for work wear. The jeans is the ultimate item you should have in your closet. They go in almost every occasion, and goes with everything.

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