It is winter and some people like to go on a skiing vacation. Therefore you need a lot of clothing to stay warm, and cool at the same time. The brand “Picture” wanted to make a change for the people who are skiers and surfers. Picture has been organic since 2008, and they have a lot of good arguments for their production. “As soon as we start designing, we imagine how to approach recyclability, second life, & end of life. It is during the design process that our designers choose

January is almost over and maybe you found a great scoop during the sales. I must admit that it has been tempting to go shopping – because I have thought about that I might find something great for at cheap price. But when I actually had the time, it didn’t seem that tempting anyway. Last sunday I met up with some family in the center of Copenhagen to have a look at shops and clothes – and yes I ended up buying something – two pair of socks! That was

Sustainable fashion, slow fashion, fast fashion, a capsule wardrobe, subscription-based models, value chain, transparency, trans-seasonal, timeless, GOTS-ceritified, organic, oeko-tex 100/1000…  Do you know what it all means? We hardly know all the definitions, so we decided to make a DICTIONARY. So every second week or so, we will try to post a definition of a new word or concept.  As the headline already revealed, the first concept we will define is sustainable fashion and slow fashion. But in order to explain what sustainable fashion is about, let me just explain

The Black Boot

The famous black boot is the ultimate shoe you need to have in your wardrobe. The black boot can fix the basic blue denim jeans and a t-shirt into something cool and sophisticated. I always pick the boot if I want a more serious look, and if you pick the sneaker you go for a more sporty and relaxed look. Here in winter, the boot is both stylish and practical. The classic boot is also minimalistic, longlasting and they never go out of style. At the top picture you can


I recently worked for the brand ee12 and I was very interested in their version of ee12, because they are sustainable. Amalie Engbirk Friis and Pernille Engbirk are the founders behind the brand. The thing I noticed about them, was that they only produce clothes to order and maintain minimal stocks. That is their whole point. Which they elaborate themselves: “This also means an economy that is not propped up by banks or investors but by you, our loyal and dedicated customers. By paying half the price of purchase when you place

The Sale is here!

The sale has started and everyone is going crazy! We should stop the sale, but if you want to make a more sustainable wardrobe and your economy has to survive, then it is time go shopping! 1. Dora Bra – Underprotection DKK 350, 2. Boots – ATP DKK 2170, 3. Pants – Fonnesbech DKK 996.

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