New beginnings

As you all may have noticed, the theme and some minor details have changed, but that’s not the only thing that have changed…

During the last couple of months, the owner of the blog went from 1 to 3, where I, Stine will be the main editor and the two other editors will be Nathalie and Dorte. Katrine Damgaard, the previous owner, will still be with us, but will be our monthly guest blogger with various insights, tips and inspirations.

The team I have gathered is all interested in sustainable fashion, but from very different angles. During the next period, we will make portrayals of us all to illustrate how broad sustainable fashion can be, and how each of us tries to be conscious and responsible in their way we consume fashion.

We will try to unfold the world of sustainable fashion and try to make it more accessible with various tips and tricks and inspiration such as:

  • How to apply the 5 R’s?
  • How to reinvent the wardrobe?
  • Styling tips and finding the perfect basic wardrobe
  • Who made your clothes?
  • The different textile eco-labels
  • Quality vs. sustainability
  • “Washing” guides: How to clean your wardrobe to make it last longer and save the resources
  • Where to shop sustainable clothes and cool/cheap second hand?
  • How to avoid spontaneous buys?
  • What to do with old clothes?
  • Mechanisms in transitioning the fashion industry
  • … and much more

We hope the blog will keep inspiring you to become more conscious in your choice of wardrobe and lifestyle!

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, don’t hesitate to contact us :)



Stine Pedersen

Stine is passionated about the ongoing question of how to make a transition of the fashion industry and how sustainability and fashion can be connected. She will therefore write about alternative ways of 'consuming' fashion such as vintage, up-cycling and redoing. She is currently Project Manager at Leaderlab and LAUNCH, and has a background as Sustainable Design Engineer finishing of with a thesis in how to implement Circular Economy in a large danish fast fashion brand. Besides this interest, she always has a full calendar with friends, family,  training, exhibitions, sewing... // CONTACT:

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