I recently watched the documentary “Minimalism” on Netflix. It is an inspiring story on how to take action if you aren’t happy. It’s about these men climbing the career ladder, achieving everything they ever wanted and still don’t feel happy. It’s about leaving all materialism and finding happiness beyond the stuff you own.

It is also really a nice inspiration if you want to clean out the closet or your home yourself.

What it means to live a meaningful life with less

The two men, “The minimalists”, have also made a podcast where they answer questions on how to cope with for instance decorations, social relations that don’t share the same beliefs and many other stuff. Definitely worth a try, if you want inspiration or tips to get started regarding living with less

The True Cost & No Impact Man

Another documentary, about fashion, that is worth watching, is the movie/documentary called “The True Cost”. It really gives a picture on how many resources are put into just making one piece of garment. A how many link the supply chain consist of. A tough, but really good one. The next documentary on my list, is the documentary called “No Impact Man” – have you watched it? I’ll let you know how it is :)

Dorte Mindegaard

Dorte has a deep interest in contributing to a sustainable transition of the society and also of the fashion industry. Every link of the production chain of clothes has a severe bad impact on human and the environment, which Dorte believes could be reduced by legislation, consumer mentality change and awareness. She studied an engineering master in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen and has part of that been in Australia at James Cook University to specialize further in sustainable transition. //  CONTACT:

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