Make your winter vacay sustainable

It is winter and some people like to go on a skiing vacation. Therefore you need a lot of clothing to stay warm, and cool at the same time. The brand “Picture” wanted to make a change for the people who are skiers and surfers. Picture has been organic since 2008, and they have a lot of good arguments for their production.

“As soon as we start designing, we imagine how to approach recyclability, second life, & end of life. It is during the design process that our designers choose the materials to use, their quality, and their performance.”

Their vision shows that everyone can make a change:

“At that time, we really didn’t know very much about responsible textile manufacturing !
Today, our goal is to be fully committed with a global vision of our products’ life cycle : design, raw materials, confection, use, 2nd life and end of life. Join us on this adventure !”

Next time I am gonna invest in a new ski outfit, I will definitely choose Picture. They also have a surfing collection, so you can be foolproof, both in the winter and the summer.

I have chosen a few outfit from their skiing collection.

Make your vacay sustainable
Anna Kolding

Anna works as a full time model for Unique Models and has fashion designer goals. The expertise that she will bring to the blog will be styling, and finding new clothes on sustainable websites and stores, based in Denmark, or is shipping to Denmark. Anna are currently establishing her own slow fashion brand called ASK STUDIOS. // CONTACT:

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