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Have you heard about Greenpeace and Fashion Revolution partnering up around the initiative called Make Something? 

I love the concept and especially because it has recently been Black Friday (which we wrote about here and which we are not a big fan of) and this new initiative encourages people to be creative and MAKE SMTHNG. It runs from December 2nd to 10th, but I highly recommend you to extend to an all year round activity and exercise in order to be more creative with the stuff you do have. 

As seen in the picture above Fashion Revolution explains that the purpose of the campaign is to fight overconsumption and instead upcycle, repair, share or reuse something. You can read more about it at 


So in order to state a good example – and also because I actually do it quite often – I want to show you one of my recent projects that I did with some of my old earrings. 



How to:

You simply just bend the earrings in the shape you would like. Be careful not to bend them too much in order not to break them. They are not real silver or gold but some good old H&M ones. 

So good luck and please send us your projects! 

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Stine Pedersen

Stine is passionated about the ongoing question of how to make a transition of the fashion industry and how sustainability and fashion can be connected. She will therefore write about alternative ways of 'consuming' fashion such as vintage, up-cycling and redoing. She is currently Project Manager at Leaderlab and LAUNCH, and has a background as Sustainable Design Engineer finishing of with a thesis in how to implement Circular Economy in a large danish fast fashion brand. Besides this interest, she always has a full calendar with friends, family,  training, exhibitions, sewing... // CONTACT:

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