I recently worked for the brand ee12 and I was very interested in their version of ee12, because they are sustainable.

Amalie Engbirk Friis and Pernille Engbirk are the founders behind the brand. The thing I noticed about them, was that they only produce clothes to order and maintain minimal stocks. That is their whole point. Which they elaborate themselves: “This also means an economy that is not propped up by banks or investors but by you, our loyal and dedicated customers. By paying half the price of purchase when you place your order, you help secure the current production run.”

Which stops overproduction, items that have not been sold which either ends up in landfill, at an incineration plant or sold to a third party (e.g. I:CO which normally handles clothes for H&M) that sell it to other countries that ruin their economy.

Their sustainability also means pure materials, either natural materials such as silk, wool, and cotton or synthetics such as polyester, which is recyclable today and can be melted down for reuse. Which I think is the new way to produce clothes, because we need to reuse and recycle old materials, in order to stop using to virgin materials.

I think their way of thinking is very good because they want to make a change, and even if it is in a small way.

These two pieces are my favorite ones from their latest collection.

Danner oversized dress DKK 1600. 2. Jasper oversized blazer DKK 1700. 

Anna Kolding

Anna works as a full time model for Unique Models and has fashion designer goals. The expertise that she will bring to the blog will be styling, and finding new clothes on sustainable websites and stores, based in Denmark, or is shipping to Denmark. Anna are currently establishing her own slow fashion brand called ASK STUDIOS. // CONTACT:

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