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Organic Club

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my experience being a member in the Organic Club at Vesterbro Copenhagen. I think it is worth mentioning that the concept exist several places beyond Vesterbro, so there is plenty opportunity to try it out if you live in other parts of the Copenhagen area or Funen (Fyn). For now there is The Organic Club in Odense, Svendborg, Nørrebro and in the beginning of december a new store opens at Østerbro (in Copenhagen as well). The new store in Østerbro have just annouced that you can still sign a membership for only 99 danish kr/month for the rest of the year, while afterwards it will increase to 199,-. It is still cheap, I think, for unlimited access to beautiful clothes :) and did I mention you can shop in all the stores even though you only have membership in one?

I hope that other stores will open i Jutland (Jylland) as well, because I think it an genius concept that it absolutely worth spreading.

Studies have been made that an average t-shirt is not worn more than 8 times before its tossed – so it makes so much sense if that t shirt could just be circulated once.

Do any of you know concepts similar to The Organic Club, maybe outside Denmark? We are always curious to hear about other stores or concepts that reuse or recirculate clothes.

Picture: The Organic Club, Odense

Picture: The Organic Club, Odense


Dorte Mindegaard

Dorte has a deep interest in contributing to a sustainable transition of the society and also of the fashion industry. Every link of the production chain of clothes has a severe bad impact on human and the environment, which Dorte believes could be reduced by legislation, consumer mentality change and awareness. She studied an engineering master in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen and has part of that been in Australia at James Cook University to specialize further in sustainable transition. //  CONTACT: dortemindegaard@gmail.com

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