Do you have clothes in your closet that you haven’t used for a year?


“Do you have clothes in your closet that you haven’t used for a year?” This was the question that Caroline and Vivien asked hundreds of girls when they visited various London university campuses earlier this season. Often the answer was yes, and many girls stopped to hear what the two young women had to offer.

Caroline and Vivien had justed launched Clotho, an online platform on which you can trade the clothes that you no longer use. “You mean like eBay?” you might think, but no, quite differently and quite smart I would say.

The idea is that you sign up, gather the clothes that you no longer use and want to exchange for something else, and get Clotho to pick it up at your doorstep. In return you get credit corresponding to the estimated market price of your donations, which you can use to purchase new items on the Clotho platform. Clotho just charges 15% of your purchase value to cover their costs.

After a week talking to girls around the many London campuses, Caroline and Vivien had got 400 girls to sign up. “But signing up is one thing. Another thing is to get people to actually donate their clothes,” says Vivien, who then had to call all 400 girls to get them on board. “We got the first 50 donations really quickly, and we were so excited to see how the girls started trading on the platform”.

Being a new-born business, Clotho only operates in London. However, the girls say that the dream is to be the preferred go to place for girls – whichever city ther are in – who want something new without hvaing to spend a lot of money on it. But being built around an idea of sustainable fashion consumption, the girls want to keep the clothes trading organized geographically to avoid unnecessary resources being spent on transportation.

And here comes the real exciting part: The Clotho-girls have asked me if I want to donate some clothes for their platform, and of course I said yes! Therefore, you can now find the first three items for sale here, but remember: you must sign up and make a donation before you can start to trade.

Katrine Damgaard

Katrine Damgaard, 25, has a master degree in Political Science and Political Economy from London School of Economics. Katrine started the blog in 2014 after having four years of work experience at ELLE Denmark. Katrine is now working as a consultant at A.T. Kearney.

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