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Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Fashion Transparency Index 2017 has been released. So if you are a bit curious on how transparent, their ranking, and how much information 100 of the biggest global fashion companies publish about their suppliers and social and environmental policies, practices and impacts, then read this and the index. The research found that even the highest scoring brands on the list still have a long way to go towards being transparent. The average score brands achieved was 49 out of 250, less than 20% of the

Do you have a filled closet, but somehow still doesn’t have something to wear? All the magazines and blogs talk about spring cleaning your closet at the moment. They talk about giving it charity or throwing it out (DON’T) – do this instead: SELLING. If the clothes is not that used you can sell it at various resell platforms, e.g. Tradono, Trendsales, DBA, or another selling platform in your respective country. However this can be a time consuming option, and takes some skills on how to write a good text, take good representable pictures etc.

Today, I am going to guide you on how to take better care of your clothes – and that’s whether you want to lower your carbon footprint and amount of water used to clean it, or just want to prolong the lifetime of your clothes. Because let’s face it – not all is about lowering your carbon footprint, but to actually care for your favorite sweater so it will lasts a decade even though it might be a high street item. As I mentioned on instagram, CEO of Levi’s advices you to

Sales season is on! Do you also feel the urge to shop? Want to feel the adrenalin of getting a good bargain on something you have looked at for a month or two? Or maybe you want to buy those good quality but expensive shoes that will last for the next year or two? Whatever your reasons might be, we should think twice before buying anything. I am not a saint myself, and I will probably buy a thing or five, but I’m also aware that I have to keep in

Through our master thesis, we want to focus on how fashion and sustainability can be united. Therefore, we wish to collaborate with a company and work from their perspective, and we are therefore looking for a company or industry organisation whom we can create a partnership with, so that we can contribute to their value creation. The following information will be in danish as we are located in Denmark. However, if you are an international brand, you are still more than welcome to contact us for more information – see contact information

Wondering why I would possibly want to publish pictures of my dirty laundry? I do so because the picture reveals a problem that I believe many of us regularly deal with. I call it the problem of the smallest pile. The smallest pile is (obviously) the pile of laundry which (for good reasons) just remains smaller than the rest. In my situation, it is the pile of colored clothes. I simply have more white and black clothes than blue or red. Why is this a problem? Because washing half empty machines contributes

What to do with your old clothes is an important question for at least 3 reasons: 1) Most people have loads of clothes they no longer use. A study made in the UK in 2012 showed that 30% of all the clothes lying around in UK closets have not been used for at least 12 months. 2) Unused clothes are a valuable resource that can be either reused by somebody else or recycled to new garments or even completely different products. And 3) it is just annoying to have heaps of

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