We all know this day – The big sale after Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas. There is sale everywhere, and everyone wants to get everything as cheap as possible. It all began more than 100 years ago, where the American population needed to get profit in their stores. Every retailer had his or her accounting to worry about. Every loss was written in red, and every profit was written in black – Therefore Black Friday. This day appeared because the retailers needed more profit, and even though their products were in sales, they made more profit.


Today, Black Friday has almost the same meaning, although now it just has a bigger meaning for the rest of the world. When we shop more and more, there has to be produced more clothing, and we have to stop this circle. We need to stop the fast fashion and slow down. As a customer, we want to get everything as cheap as possible, and with Black Friday, we go crazy one time a year, but we should stop this day and think about the environment. When there are so many sales everywhere the retailers trick you into buying even more then you need. Instead of shopping for new clothes, buy vintage or look in your closet and see if you really need that new top. Sometimes you just need to rethink your wardrobe, and then you automatically have a new top, hanging just in front of you.


So my challenge for you is, do you want to support Black Friday, otherwise should we slow down and stop fast fashion? I vote for STOP Black Friday and rethink your wardrobe, cause I know you don’t really need that new top – plus Christmas is coming up and you need the money to spread joy around friends and family!


But if you are going on shopping today, just have this in mind:


Anna Kolding

Anna works as a full time model for Unique Models and has fashion designer goals. The expertise that she will bring to the blog will be styling, and finding new clothes on sustainable websites and stores, based in Denmark, or is shipping to Denmark. Anna are currently establishing her own slow fashion brand called ASK STUDIOS. // CONTACT:

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