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Have you heard about the 10 x 10 challenge? That is an even smaller capsule wardrobe challenge – to see how creative you can be with only few items of clothes. You pick 10 items to wear for 10 days and then style them differently. This could be a thing to try if you want to reinvest or rediscover your clothes, take a break from shopping or test your style creativity. Style bee have a great beginners introduction on how to do it with a basic formula: 4 tops 2

January is almost over and maybe you found a great scoop during the sales. I must admit that it has been tempting to go shopping – because I have thought about that I might find something great for at cheap price. But when I actually had the time, it didn’t seem that tempting anyway. Last sunday I met up with some family in the center of Copenhagen to have a look at shops and clothes – and yes I ended up buying something – two pair of socks! That was

Celebrating Christmas often include a ton of presents – which are a huge controversy to try to live with less and try to stop the buy and throwaway culture. The way I try to come about it – is to primarily and mostly give experiences as gifts. For instance a trip to the zoo, or a cultural trip somewhere. It brings great joy to spend time and experiences with the people you love. Giving clothes as presents are also very popular for Christmas – but have you considered giving a

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my experience being a member in the Organic Club at Vesterbro Copenhagen. I think it is worth mentioning that the concept exist several places beyond Vesterbro, so there is plenty opportunity to try it out if you live in other parts of the Copenhagen area or Funen (Fyn). For now there is The Organic Club in Odense, Svendborg, Nørrebro and in the beginning of december a new store opens at Østerbro (in Copenhagen as well). The new store in Østerbro have just

One of my largest issues, is that even though I really want to live with less and consume less clothes, I sometimes really get the urge to go shopping. (And do you know the feeling having a filled closet, but still feel like nothing to wear? I do.) Because of these controversies, I have for a while now wanted to try out a sharing closet concept called The Organic Club. It is a concept that have emerged both at Vesterbro and Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The way it works, is that you

Late is never to late – but I have just watched the film “The True Cost” – a film I would recommend for everyone to watch and afterwards tell everyone they know, to watch. The fast fashion industry is outrageous and some of these aspects are portrayed very well in the movie. Clips of people going shopping-crazy when Black Friday hits the stores, just after have watched a women leaving her child behind, to work under conditions where making demands for human rights gets awarded with beating and abuse, just